Shoreline’s refined water: helping save more than just the environment

The families soon to live at the new coastal township of Shoreline, on the southern Redland bayside, will be leading Queensland in environmental sustainability.

Every time a Shoreline family turns on a tap or waters the garden, they will be reaping the benefits of being part of the most sustainable and advanced community in Queensland.

At the heart of Shoreline’s planning is a more thoughtful approach to making a sustainable green environment, and a more thoughtful approach to health and wellbeing.

There is no better expression of these principles than our planning for the water that Shoreline families will use for all their different needs – new potable water for drinking, cooking and showering, and refined water for everything else.

In partnership with the innovative engineers and designers at Flow, Shoreline is proposing a world leading Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) network that captures wastewater, treats it through an eight stage, high technology purification system and pipes it back to homes.

The Shoreline sustainable water network will deliver safe, clean, recaptured and refined water to every home for non-potable uses – a process that will help preserve and secure Australia’s precious water resources, deliver environment benefits and create a new resilient water supply for the community.

Shoreline CEO, Chris Barnes, says only 30% of treated water delivered to households in Australia is used for drinking, cooking or washing. The balance of the precious drinking water goes on the garden or flushes the toilet or does the laundry.

“By creating a local water ‘loop’ and feeding purified water back onto properties for irrigation, clothes washing and toilet flushing, home-owners will both save on their water bills and increase values.”

A house and how the system works using recycled water.

With real time monitoring and tracking, residents will be able to monitor their water use on smart phones or computers – and make decisions to ensure additional cost savings by changing their water use habits. The monitoring will allow immediate awareness of leakages, allowing repairs to be undertaken.

As a discerning and socially aware real estate market places greater emphasis on sustainable design and eco-friendly approaches, water-saving systems help to future-proof homes and increase the re-sale value of Shoreline properties over time.

Wastewater from all homes is piped to a local water centre and treated with an eight stage process including membrane filtering, aerobic and anaerobic processing, ultraviolet disinfection, chlorination and reverse-osmosis purification. This produces clean, safe, odourless and environmentally friendly water for piping back into homes.

The local water centres are designed to fit in with the surroundings.

“In fact, most people would walk past them and not even realise that in these discreet facilities water is being filtered. Every drop of wastewater is purified to the highest national health standards through filters 80 times smaller than pathogens and viruses,” Mr Barnes said.

“It is perfect for returning to the community for toilet flushing, irrigation and laundry, in the same way water from rainwater tanks is used in homes.”

A water treatment plant using the innovative system that is proposed at Shoreline, which doesn’t look anything like a typical sewer system recycling facility.